Reign in Spring with Sassy Skinny Jeans

Spring is Here! It’s official! The sun is shinning from dawn till dusk, the birds are once again chirping their morning tune, and the tulips are blossoming in the gardens, yes fashion lovers spring is here! Along the lines of intricate patterns and bold stripes premiered at spring designer fashion shows and recently seen worn on streetwalkers … Continue reading

Stand Out in a Dazzling Headpiece

Head Jewelry In the fashion world, it is common to witness hot fashion trends fizzle out in a decade only to return in a later era as the same trend with just a tweak in style to satisfy the current generation, but rarely are we are graced with an innovative trend that takes the entire … Continue reading

25 Ways To Wear a Scarf

Let me just say I am an absolute scarf lover! As you loves know, I am a Jersey native; although the summers are lively, fun, and carefree the winters here are EXTREMELY harsh. Throughout the entire week, the temperature was no higher than 23 degrees forcing myself to get creative in order to stay warm and … Continue reading

Sophisticated Sparkle Shoes

A shiny fitted glass slipper was all Cinderella needed in her fair tale life to grasp the beloved princess title and a handsome prince to go with it. In my world, the shoe that makes me feel like a princess is a pair of four inch shimmery heels. A sparkle shoe resembles all the attributes … Continue reading

Lola’s Fashion Pick of the Day

Printed Leggings All the rage in today’s everyday fashion trends is printed leggings. What makes this piece of fabric unique is the ability for its abstract and colorful designs to spice up any modern day outfit. Not only do printed leggings allow you to stand out in a sea of casual streetwalkers, but they elongate … Continue reading

I Fell in Love with a Sun Hat in Miami

The perfect accessory on a scorching sunny day to shield your eyes from the sun’s blaze is a cute and fun sun hat! On my recent trip to Miami, I wandered in and out thrift stores along the streets of Ocean, Lincoln, and Collins Avenue to find the perfect Kentucky Derby look-alike hat to stay … Continue reading

Retro Sunglasses are IN

Grab a pair of retro sunglasses the next time you head down to the mall, to be the first of your friends to shield your eyes from the blazing sun in this vintage style. Why I love this look? The circle shaped sunglasses bring a cool hipster vibe similar to that of it’s most famous … Continue reading

Top Knot an Unexpected Elegant Up-do

Simple. Elegant. Chic. Whether you’re on your way to get your daily fix of fitness at the gym or you’re in a rush to get to your 8:00 AM class on time: your easy solution is throwing your bundle of hair up into a high floppy bun. Many of us dream of a world where … Continue reading

High Waist Pants Are Back

High waist pants are back, YES! The stylish long pants are not only back in style, but in a different way than before, posting a variety of clothing options: skinny jeans, leggings, and flair (just to name a few!) From runway to streetwalker the “high waist” trend has imprinted itself in today’s fashion. What I … Continue reading

Hot Winter Whites

White is one of those colors that is classic, chic, and adds instant drama to your ensemble. Many women shy away from white after Labor Day, categorizing it strictly as a summer color. Your grandma’s rules no longer apply! Truth is, white can be worn all year long if done the right way with the right … Continue reading