High Waist Pants Are Back

High waist pants are back, YES! The stylish long pants are not only back in style, but in a different way than before, posting a variety of clothing options: skinny jeans, leggings, and flair (just to name a few!) From runway to streetwalker the “high waist” trend has imprinted itself in today’s fashion. What I love about the retro inspired look is that it automatically elongates your legs while adding shape to your waist and hips, ladies this makes us look HOT!

I compiled my Top 3 Fav looks for you loves! Which one is your favorite?

#1-high waist denim + printed shirt + blazer + strappy shoes (great daytime look!)

#2-high waist flair+ loose blouse + heels (perfect for the office!)

#3-high waist sparkle pants + loose tank + nice pumps (Love this for a night out on the town!)

6 Responses to “High Waist Pants Are Back”
  1. Love the high waste flaired trousers look, really nice for curvier figures too! x

  2. LoveGurus says:

    Your designs are amazing and they could help make any ‘date’ extra special…especially in photos…

  3. lolasfashion says:

    Thanks! Yes, I love the way it shapes your curves without being distasteful, perfect for a night out! 🙂

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