Stand Out in a Dazzling Headpiece

Head Jewelry In the fashion world, it is common to witness hot fashion trends fizzle out in a decade only to return in a later era as the same trend with just a tweak in style to satisfy the current generation, but rarely are we are graced with an innovative trend that takes the entire … Continue reading

Michael Kors Favorite Designer of 2012

Reining in the new year means closing out the old one with a tribute to our favorite designer, Michael Kors. Whether your eyeballing the signature MK logo on a tote worn by a streetwalker or hearing “Michael Kors” dropped in a verse of a Nicki Minaj song, there is no escaping the brand’s infamous popularity. What separates Michael Kors … Continue reading

Accessorize It Up

The perfect way to stand out as your walking alongside the sidewalk amongst a group of people is not only to dress cute, but to add the right accessories to give your outfit that extra pop!. Specifically, many trendsetters are layering their wrists with all types of jewelry from shimmery bracelets, to expensive watches, and … Continue reading