Sophisticated Sparkle Shoes

A shiny fitted glass slipper was all Cinderella needed in her fair tale life to grasp the beloved princess title and a handsome prince to go with it. In my world, the shoe that makes me feel like a princess is a pair of four inch shimmery heels.

A sparkle shoe resembles all the attributes a girl looks for in the perfect heel; glitz and glam while still remaining sophisticated and stunning. I particularly, love sparkle shoes due to the reason that they make the perfect going out accessory by elongating your legs while bringing the WOW factor as it attracts attention from your feet up. Whether you are wearing the glitzy pumps with a gown out to a fancy dinner or to a dim-litted jazzy lounge, it is wise to pair these heels with a simple solid color dress in order to not become a distraction. Personally, I suggest a dark color such as a black or blue dress attaining simple cuts that do not draw unnecessary attention, and instead give off a flawless chic vibe. If you don’t already own a pair of these glamourous pumps you need to asap!


Lola’s Pick


Kristen Cavallari – $149

OMG love these heels! As I browsed sites, feeding into my online shopping addiction, I came across this pair of stunning Kristen Cavallari pumps. A MUST HAVE!


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