Lola’s Fashion Pick of the Day

Printed Leggings

All the rage in today’s everyday fashion trends is printed leggings. What makes this piece of fabric unique is the ability for its abstract and colorful designs to spice up any modern day outfit. Not only do printed leggings allow you to stand out in a sea of casual streetwalkers, but they elongate your womanly legs and shape your fabulous curves. The best part about these spandex pants is that they are COMFORTABLE! Yes, pants that do not restrict your movements forcing you to mentally keep track of your steps with its tight denim structure. All in all, I cannot get enough of these heavenly leggings, my fashion pick of the day!

Here are my top three picks in affordable printed leggings, that are super cute and unique!

Click the pictures for links – enjoy!


1) American Apparel printed cotton spandex jersey leggings – $30


2) Topshop black colour ponte leggings – $44


3) Ginger Fizz leggings in cherub print – $42

6 Responses to “Lola’s Fashion Pick of the Day”
  1. ellenmatis says:

    Loving those American Apparel ones!

  2. lolasfashion says:

    Thanks! I love them too!

  3. stylish!!
    love printed legs!!

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