Retro Sunglasses are IN

Grab a pair of retro sunglasses the next time you head down to the mall, to be the first of your friends to shield your eyes from the blazing sun in this vintage style.

Why I love this look? The circle shaped sunglasses bring a cool hipster vibe similar to that of it’s most famous beholder, John Lennon. This retro pair is perfect for any heart-shaped face, giving a balanced trendy feel.

(if you don’t know what shape size you have click here)

One of my favorite retro pairs is the Vintage deadstock circle sunglasses, by Penelope’s Vintage. The black framed sunglasses have a sleek design against a gold bridge. This pair can be found on for a solid price of $30; a bargain for quality sunglasses!

What retro pair is your favorite?

4 Responses to “Retro Sunglasses are IN”
  1. Ok, you know how people look at people like us and say “I would never be able to pull that off”? I usually tell people like that “That’s ridiculous, it’s all in your attitude and confidence,” and I believe that’s true. However, when it comes to round fram glasses, “I would never be able to pull them off!” 🙂 I don’t know, they just look strange on me.

  2. lolasfashion says:

    You are right, he does!

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