Reign in Spring with Sassy Skinny Jeans

Spring is Here!

It’s official!

The sun is shinning from dawn till dusk, the birds are once again chirping their morning tune, and the tulips are blossoming in the gardens, yes fashion lovers spring is here! Along the lines of intricate patterns and bold stripes premiered at spring designer fashion shows and recently seen worn on streetwalkers along cobbled sidewalks, we can all agree the main trend of the spring season is bright pastel colors!

Among the multi-colors of the rainbow, the most distinct piece of fabric these colors have hit are our long-fitted skinny jeans!

Why I love bright and sassy skinny jeans:

The beauty of skinny jeans whether on a short or tall frame of body, reflects an image of long toned legs with its fitted form. Throw in a splash of color and these jeans make you stand out in a sexy way.

Fashionistas can pair these gorgeous pastel colors with either a simple tunic for a casual day out or a prim and proper blazer to give an edgy feel to the look.

A great spot to pick up skinny jeans to make yourself stand out this spring is at Tilly’s. I am already guilty of buying 4 pairs of the Miami RSQ colored jeggings in; light blue, dusty pink, mint green, and coral. Hey, before you judge that I am a shopoholic (which I may be) Tilly’s currently has a great sale where the Miami RSQ jeggings are buy one get one free! So hurry while this sale lasts!

Here are some of my favorite looks of this season’s skinny jeans! Happy Spring!!


10 Responses to “Reign in Spring with Sassy Skinny Jeans”
  1. lynxgirl says:

    So chic and cute! Love the post.

  2. LOVE. I honestly can’t wait until the weather warms up to pull my colorful skinnies from hibernation!

  3. Me says:

    I love love love the sassy skinny jean! Swooning over these delicious colors.

  4. Lovely colorful pants (skinny jeans sure have a way to give someone a perky but cute body) and shoes to make one’s leg prettier…. this is a nice post.

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