Michael Kors Favorite Designer of 2012

Reining in the new year means closing out the old one with a tribute to our favorite designer, Michael Kors. Whether your eyeballing the signature MK logo on a tote worn by a streetwalker or hearing “Michael Kors” dropped in a verse of a Nicki Minaj song, there is no escaping the brand’s infamous popularity.

What separates Michael Kors from other top line designers?

Michael Kors is a brand that specializes in an array of clothing, handbags, and accessories; including clutches, watches, and tablet cases. Its sleek, elegant, and fashion forward designs makes each of its products desirable to an everyday customer. My favorite of the Michael Kors collection is their watches. In particular, the to die for gold Michael Kors Camille Crystal MK5720 watch is my favorite piece this year. The gold crystals draw attention to make any head in the room turn to the magnificent jewelry bestowed on one’s wrist. If only every women owned a piece of Michael Kors collection there would be only bliss in the world.

What Michael Kors  jewelry and accessories do you desire?

One Response to “Michael Kors Favorite Designer of 2012”
  1. katiesword says:

    Love Micheal Kors, Check out high end TjMaxx stores to find great deals on him.

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