Young Hollywood

Disney Stars Gone Hollywood

The one topic that always creates buzz in celebrity gossip, is Young Hollywood. In every generation from Britney Spears to Lindsay Lohan the young stars that emerge as the “newbies” and the “cool kids” maintain a spirited unpredictable aura that attracts everyone to their stardom. In the latest era, the prominent Disney Stars gone hollywood include High School Musical Star, Vanessa Hudgens; Zac and Cody co-star Ashley Tisdale; and Wizards of Waverly Place phenomena Selena Gomez. Each of these bright young women have evolved from their young adult roles to not only become serious actresses, but stunning fashionistas as well.

Vanessa Hudgens


Known for her rocker/hipster style, Vanessa Hudgens, can always be found switching up her attire from girlie girl in braided head pieces to bad ass in biker boots and a leather jacket. I love how she always keeps it interesting, and never fails to look good on the red carpet as well!

Selena Gomez



In the last two years after dating pop-sensation Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez practically became a household name as she graced several red carpets such as the VMA’s in stunning designer gowns as well as appeared in daily tabloid magazines for her young carefree style.

Ashley Tisdale


The pretty girl next door, Ashley Tisdale, gives a funky vibe in her sense of style with crop tops, beads, and hot sunglasses – Miss LA!

What’s your take on Young Hollywood?


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