Starting Off NYFW with a Bang!

Heart’s Truth Red Dress Fashion Show


Yes, it’s FINALLY here! Although the last several weeks have been brutally chilly for northeasters, we can finally sit back and grab a hot cappuccino as we view the new fall 2013 designer collections for New York Fashion Week. Last night, hollywood starlets, such as Minka Kelly and the Jenners met up in New York City to participate in the Heart’s Truth Red Dress Fashion Show. Despite the fact the women walking were not models, the stars strutted along the stretched out runway in red gowns to show their support for awareness in heart disease for women, and WOW did they look stunning!

Lola’s Top Five Looks


 Minka Kelly looked flawless in a breathtaking gown that equally matched her facial beauty.


Sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner brought a mature fresh look to the fashion show.


One of my favorites of the night on the runway.


Olympic Champion, Gabby Douglas, brought simplicity and elegance.


Wendy Williams looked joyful in a one shoulder fitted dress paired with super cute shoes.

Support the women in red and make a difference in The Heart Truth Campaign!


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