Carrie Diaries the new Gossip Girl in Television Fashion

Carrie is back!


In a brand new series on CW, Carrie Bradshaw makes a return to television in a transition from a new york native sex and love columnist to a young inexperienced high school gal from Connecticut. Actress, Annasophia Robb plays sixteen year old Carrie in a time period where Madonna’s racy appeal stirred controversy and flashy polka dots were everywhere. The opening series takes place in a part of Carrie’s life where her mother’s newly death brings remorse, yet new beginnings as she lands an internship at a law firm in her dream city, New York. Costume designer, Eric Damon, did a terrific job in styling Carries first moments as an independent woman in New York City.


  1. Carries first day of work as an intern in New York City, dressed fabulously head to toe. I adore the printed long-sleeve blouse Carrie wears along with a fitted black sleek pencil skirt. What I love most about this outfit is Carrie’s satchel! Fun, bold, and creative fits perfectly for Carrie’s young spirited personality.


2.  On her first night out into the streets of Manhattan, Carrie dawns a super cute red dress covered in black polka dots as she calls for a yellow taxi cab. Can’t get enough of this retro look!

It’s official as Gossip Girl took a final bow, the Carrie Diaries made their mark as the new it series in television fashion. I cannot wait to see more vintage prints and stylish trends that are to come this season.

What was your take on Carrie’s fashion in the season premiere?

2 Responses to “Carrie Diaries the new Gossip Girl in Television Fashion”
  1. cmallett79 says:

    I think I am going to love the Carrie Diaries as well. I was a huge SATC fan. And I was watching for fashion as well, of course.

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