Smoke It Up

Dark, intense, shimmery powder exemplifying a beautiful daring eye. Ahh, the smokey eye is one of my personal favorite makeup looks. Whether it’s night or day, many celebrities and night-owls alike apply the smokey eye and for a good reason! The smokey eye can work on almost anyone and always gives that instant “wow” factor to your whole look. Turning you instantly into a fab gorgeous vixen! It adds that instant dramatic factor, (I live for dramatic!) while still looking classic and refined. When done right, the smokey look is by far one of the best ways to exude your inner sexy, by playing up one of the best female attributes…. the eyes! The smokey eye is no longer constricted for night time, you can rock it any time of the day! (lighter colors for day, darker for night)

My favorite look is what I call the bombshell smokey eye. This look blends the classic colors of silver, grey, and black. Here is a step by step way to get the perfect smokey eye! Would you loves wear this look?

4 Responses to “Smoke It Up”
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    If only I could pull this off without having to redo over and over again.

    • lolasfashion says:

      The first several times I tried this look a set of makeup removal sat right next to me, but after a while I can now pull of the smokey eye in a short amount of time. Practice makes perfection 🙂

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