Betsey Johnson Spring Collection 2013

Betsy Johnson Spring 2013 Collection

Known as one of fashion’s most provocative designers, Betsy Johnson, truly made a statement at the premiere of her Spring 2013 collection. Loud neon colors and wild patterns hit the runway, creating a storm of attention.

Although, at times Betsy Johnson’s bold designs may seem over the top for runway, I love the artistic inspiration behind the clothes. From the Spring 2013 collection, my favorite look is the black sheer dress. This look resembles a scene where Sweet 16 meets runway couture. I love the ruffles on the bottom of the dress, exuding a fun playful vibe. Additionally, the neck jewelry and queen bee crown astounds me, creating a classy glam feel.

Betsy Johnson is just one of those designers you cannot turn away from without saying WOW! I appreciate her creative and bold designs, which makes her collection one of the most talked about of Spring 2013.

Which of the Betsy Johnson Spring 2013 designs catches your attention?

2 Responses to “Betsey Johnson Spring Collection 2013”
  1. Love Betsey Johnson! Wish that creme dress was around when I got married!!!

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