Yay & Nay Looks from People’s Choice Awards

One of televisions most biased entertaining award shows, the People’s Choice Awards, aired last night on CBS, bringing out Hollywoods biggest stars. The classy ladies of the evening dawned the red carpet with gorgeous gowns and dresses alike. Out of the many starlets I summed up the best and worst looks of the night.

YAY Best Looks


Love, love, LOVE this dress! Taylor looks amazing in this simple yet stunning white gown.


Ah the bright neon color on this dress is perfect! This truly illuminates a fun fresh faced vibe.


The pop of pink looks perfect on Leah Michelle, one of my favorite red carpet leading ladies!

NAY Worst Look


Train wreck! Epic Nay! Clearly, Olivia Munn did not look at herself in the mirror when she put this disaster of a dress on! The dress does not flatter Olivia’s silhouette well at all, the patterns look like a factory machine malfunctioned and spazed out, and the colors are as bland as hospital applesauce gag. I am hoping sense will knock into her and her stylist in the up and coming award shows this season.

Do you agree on the Yay and Nay’s of the 2013 People’s Choice Award Red Carpet Looks?


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