Bold. Bad. Beautiful.

Beyond a starlet, above an A lister, the multi-platinum singer of “Diamonds”, Rihanna is the Queen Bee of fashion in celebrity couture. There is no denying, Rihanna commands an aura of stage presence in her performances in front of thousands at large scale arenas as well as off the stage on her bold twitter feed, exotic instagram pictures, and latest tabloid scandals. What keeps millions around the world tuning into Rihanna’s every moment? Fashion.

The iconic Caribbean beauty is a trendsetter in every meaning of the word. At a moment’s notice paparazzi and news casters line up to get a mere glimpse on the red carpet of Rihanna’s latest look. Whether it’s the spunky badass long red wavy hair or racy laced dress at the Victoria Secret Fashion show people crave to see what look Rihanna is rocking. Due to her popularity and flawless confidence, her influence is powerful enough to not only start fashion trends amongst her huge fan base, but also to designers and other celebrities. Rihanna creates the trend, while hollywood follows her footsteps.

What I love most about Rihanna is her belief in fully expressing herself, disregarding what opinion the world has about her lifestyle. The pure bad ass mentality makes her a strong relentless woman.

Rihanna In Vogue

As I scanned the wall along the magazine CVS aisle I instantly perked up when I noticed Rihanna on the cover of Vogue, November 2012. I purchased the issue and was astounded to view the gorgeous shots Vogue took of Rihanna in designer clothing. My favorite frame is the cover photo, Rihanna looking dashing in the red lace dress. The video below gives an insight to behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

What is your take on Rihanna’s fashion trends?

2 Responses to “Bold. Bad. Beautiful.”
  1. PrissyCafe says:

    Great post; I love Rihanna! Her fashion sense is spot on. She’s incredibly beautiful and her music is nothing short of amazing. Your post has inspired my to recreate “Rihanna inspired” makeup looks!

    • lolasfashion says:

      Thank you for reading! I agree Rihanna is flawless in every sense, she influences many of the fashion trends I wear too. Looking forward to read your blog post on Rihanna Inspired Makeup!

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