Kate Middleton: A Style Icon

Happy Birthday to, dare I say, the world’s most influential woman in fashion today – Kate Middleton. Ever since simple college student, Kate, made romantic ties to England’s beloved Prince William the world has followed her every move through her varies titles fiancé, Duchess of Cambridge, and now mother-to-be!

What fascinates us about Kate is her stunning stature and elegant pose in every public indenture. A combination of fame, beauty, and height makes every designer beg for her to wear their original designs. Naturally, through the lens Kate looks breathtaking in designer formal wear; surging an instant buzz in the media.

Several of the looks above are Kate’s most exquisite looks during her reign of fashion queen bee. One of my personal favorites is the gorgeous pale purple belted McQueen gown she wore at a BAFTA event in L.A. Then there is the beautiful white dress by Reiss paired with a red Sylvia Fletcher hat she wore during her Canadian tour with Prince William, seen above. And who could forget the stunning blue dress she wore by Issa during the public announcement of her engagement to Prince William! So iconic. Which of Kate’s looks is your favorite?


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