Chic Everyday Trend


During the week, as you casually stroll down the sidewalk to grab a caesar salad in between classes or on your lunch break from work the one accessory that lifts your gaze from checking your instagram newsfeed is gold spiked studs embedded in a passerby’s clothing. Streetwalker’s everywhere are embracing the gold studded look, embellished throughout their wardrobe. What I love about this trend is that is has adapted into every piece of clothing from spunky designer heels to bad ass leather jackets and even our own manicured nails!

Due to my weakness of heels, it is only necessary to display one of my favorite shoe designers, Jeffrey Campbell, who specializes in gold studded shoe designs. Although his line may seem pricey, my favorite bargain is the Jeffery Campbell Lita Spike Black Leather Ankle Boot. The modern ankle boot has a great heal and gorgeous frame lined with silver studs down the back, giving a grungy yet fashionable look.

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How do you incorporate studs into your wardrobe?

4 Responses to “Chic Everyday Trend”
  1. Ok. Reasons why I love this. 1) This look is my favorite to try and pull off (Chic Rocker) 2) The jacket is out of this world 3) The skull ring completes me. So now that I’ve gotten my daily overdramatic reaction to fashion I love…onward.

  2. lolasfashion says:

    Thanks love! The skull ring is my absolute favorite as well, I need to add it into my jewelry box asap!

  3. fashionloveo says:

    Ok, I just love this…no reason, I saw it and I directly liked it 🙂

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