The Sexy Piece for Every Winter Outfit

Ever winter, women combat the chilly icy weather that occurs four long months out of the year by layering themselves with woven scarves wrapped over layers of long sleeve sweaters bundled on top of a cami or two. Ladies, although this look may be warm and acceptable amongst us, is a puffed up marshmallow physique what you really want to be sending out to the world?

In order to tackle the challenge of looking cute while avoiding a nasty cold from a lack of clothing, women need to take note of the fashion must of the winter season – FAUX FUR!

Whether you are throwing a cozy faux fur scarf or snug hat, you are instantly giving off an elegant sexy and stylish vibe. Particularly I love the beige Kardashian and the Forever 21 Duo-toned faux fur vest. Both vests look chic atop a long sleeve button down blouse, exuding a fashionable yet professional look.

If you want to keep warm and still look hot a faux fur vest is a must-have this season!

2 Responses to “The Sexy Piece for Every Winter Outfit”
  1. Love love love LOVE LOVE! I have a thing for fur right now (as you could probably tell by my recent post). The Forever21 one is so incredible! Agreed!

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