Chanel America’s favorite Nail Polish

The best part about the winter season, aside from layering woven scarves atop quarter sleeve Urban Outfitter sweaters, is painting on exquiste neutral and shimmery colors to beautify our fingernails. This season, Chanel has fed our cravings by introducing Le Vernis Nail Colour, an assortment of fabulous darkly shaded yet eye popping polishes. A trend many women are obsessed with is mix and matching colors on their nails, in particular I suggest a dark shade on 3-4 finger nails and a light/sparkled shade on the remaining. As a result, friends, colleges, and even strangers will throw compliments at your way for creative and fashionable nails.

How are you glamorizing your nails this season?

2 Responses to “Chanel America’s favorite Nail Polish”
  1. Absolutely LOVE my Chanel nail varnish, it’s a beautiful shade called peche nacree which is amazing quality and never fails to make me feel elegant and happy, even when I’m flat on my face 🙂

  2. I love the tone of the peche nacree! Glad you enjoy it.

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